SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English I
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

TA job description:

The job would include giving and grading quizzes and assignments, classroom assistance and monitoring, researching online information, maintaining class website, notifying students course information, reading materials and giving feedback, taking attendance and so on.


Course requirements

This course is based on a large amount of in-class work during class hours; therefore, high attendance and class participation is required. In-class discussions, mini-presentations and short written texts (after discussion) of the topics on syllabus are regarded as the main structure of this course. Hence, students are expected to take active roles in their learning. Quizzes are used as a way to help learners be familiar with vocabulary and language usage. Quizzes cannot be made up if missed. Learners should take the responsibility of checking emails and following Moodle platform regularly for updates, resources and announcements.


After-class activities and readings will also be assigned following the course. Students are expected to hand in their extra-curricular assignments ON TIME. Late assignments/homework will NOT be accepted. A separate sheet of class rules will be provided on the first day of the class and on the Moodle platform.


Students are required to be present the first week of the semester.


This course is open to student opinions on how to help them learn better. Student suggestions and opinions are considered valuable and thus the course design is open and flexible to future changes based on students’ needs and suggestions



Attendance 10% [3 points for the first 2 absences, 4 for the third absence; fail at 5 absences]

Class participation 5% [Active in-class oral participation]

2 Quizzes 20% [10% each]

2 reading diaries 20% [10% each, on Windows of the Mind and Frindle; 1-page A4, single space, Font 12, Chinese/English.]

Video list 10% [Compile a list of 10 recommended online videos from your choice using the form

            provided, including the video title, website, one-sentence summary and reasons of


Creativity project (from week 14) 5% (An original creative picture and a group writing story)

Final presentation (Oral +PPT) 10% [Group work; 15-minute PPT presentation on a chosen

                                  topic related to the topics from this semester. This will be

                                  peer-reviewed too.]

Cross-Culture Curriculum 20%

Students must complete the videos and quizzes in Units 1-3 on their own. Then complete the following requirements.

Unit 1 Answering questions 5%

Unit 2 Video recorded pair discussion on one of the assigned questions 5%

Unit 3 Writing and video recording on assigned questions 5%



1. $50 handout fee will be collected.

2. All assignments must be handed in in electronic forms.

3. Active extra learning max. 5% [Provide evidence of your active learning of English to earn your extra points.]

Textbook & Reference

Textbook: Lee, Linda & Bernard, Jean. 2011. Select Readings - Upper-Intermediate level, 2nd edition.

Oxford University Press.

Novel: Windows of the Mind, Frindle.

References: Supplementary materials are provided throughout the semester. Several articles from two English magazines published recently (Know it All by EZ TALK and CNN 互動英語200期特刊總編輯精選必讀) will be used.

English-English dictionaries are highly recommended.

Urls about Course
Textbook: (Audio Down Center) YouTube: VoiceTube Moodle website (via iNCCU) MOOCS (Cross-culture curriculum)