SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III : Commerce English
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
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Students are expected to:

- participate actively in all in-class activities and discussion;

- do preview if assigned;

- attend each class and be on time;

- take a performance test with a randomly paired partner;

- conduct an oral presentation with a group of classmate(s);

- attend final examination.



Socializing test -----------------------------------------------------------------------------10%

Group oral presentation ------------------------------------------------------------------ 25 %

Final examination ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 %

Quizzes & writing assignments ---------------------------------------------------------- 25 %

Attendance (10%), class participation (10%) -------------------------------------------- 20 %


  1. Attendance will be recorded in every class, when possible. Any absence will be counted against your attendance records unless a leave is arranged beforehand via phone or e-mail.

  2. Quizzes will be given on an irregular basis without advance notice. No make-up quizzes are allowed; however, with proper leave of absence, missed quizzes will be excused.

  3. Homework assignments are to be handed in on the due dates. No late hand-ins are accepted unless pre-approved.

  4. Class participation refers to your active involvement in the class activities, especially your voluntary work.

Textbook & Reference

Supplementary materials:

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Websites of CNN, BBC, Discovery, VOA with downloadable clips and transcripts.

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