SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III : Oral Training & Reading
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

TA job description:

The job would include giving and grading quizzes and assignments, classroom assistance and monitoring, researching online information, maintaining class website, notifying students course information, reading materials and giving feedback, taking attendance and so on.



(1) Read novels in your own free time; divide a novel into several parts and commit to reading regularly. (2) Mobile use and lack of class materials including textbook, novels, handouts will cost 2 points each time. (3) Include info source (URL) for each piece of information used (articles/websites). (4) All works must be typed and provided in electronic forms. They should also be uploaded to the given websites for records. (5) Active extra learning max. 5% [Provide evidence of your active learning of English to earn your extra points.]

The class will be conducted entirely in English. The course employs a blended learning framework (face-to-face format) of foreign language learning experience (constructed through a series of individual and group tasks), which supports students’ personal learning goals and efforts. It engages students in active reading and speaking, with a minor portion of listening and writing, of materials about academic and cultural topics, and thus, prepare them for active interaction with others (and foreigners) and creative production of works in both oral and written forms.




[3 points for the 1st and 2nd absence, 4 points for the 3rd.]

Class participation


Ora [participation, sign in the notebook provided]

Pair discussions


       [10% each; pair discussion; Think of a question or ask a question

       and discuss, record and upload]

Unit consolidation (W7)


[30-minute discussion on assigned unit and 3-minutes oral presentation including class material summary and related issues]

*Bring your own laptop for ppt production



[Vocabulary Ch1-2, 3&5, 8&11, choose better two out of three]

Unit 5 report


[Individual written report, including (1) 1-page reading reflection (very short summary + personal feedback) and (2) group writing on the assigned topic, which will be given in class]

Unit 8 report


[Upload a 2-page written report on the topic, including at least three subsections of your own choice in the report]

Unit 11 report


[Mini novel project. The length and the quality of the content do matter very much. I read everyone’s work. Do not copy and paste from other resources.]

Final oral Poster Presentation


[Individual presentation on recommending a novel related to the issue of ‘aging’]

Textbook & Reference

Textbook: David Beglar and Neil Murray. 2009. Contemporary Topics 3 – 21st Century Skills for Academic Success (4th Edition). Pearson Longman.

Novels: The Report Card, The Giver, 1984, The Time Keeper

References: Supplementary materials are provided throughout the semester. Several articles from two English magazines published recently (Know it All by EZ TALK and CNN 互動英語200期特刊總編輯精選必讀) will be used.

English-English dictionaries are highly recommended.

Urls about Course
Textbook: YouTube: VoiceTube Moodle website (via iNCCU)