SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III: Business Listening & Oral Training
InstructorLAI YU-TUNG
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Photocopying the handouts

Grading the quizzes/assignments

Videotaping the presentations


Attendance: Regular class attendance is mandatory; please be responsible for your own absence(s) and be punctual all the time! (Only sick leave and official leave with documents are allowed!)

Class Participation: Students are expected to actively participate in oral discussions and activities. Besides, please turn off the cell phone during class time.

Group and individual presentation will be given to evaluate students’ speaking skill. If you miss any test, you MUST PROVIDE A DOCTOR’S NOTE and you should talk to me WITHIN TWO WEEKS, otherwise you will receive ZERO automatically!

NOTE: Poor attendance may lead to the failure of this course!


Attendance & Class Participation: 20%

Class discussion & Assignment: 30%

Midterm : 20%

Final: 30%

Textbook & Reference

Market Leader (Upper-Intermediate) by David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent, Pearson

Will be available at NCCU bookstore


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