SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III : Essay Writing
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Preparing materials 

Grading exam 

Recording grades 

Maintaining records


All materials, including the written text, handouts, and any information spoken in class or written on the board is expected to be reflected in your work. Take notes. Keep all of the work you do during the course until after the final grades have been announced. 

Final grades will be determined by the following: 

• Attendance & participation (Rhetorical form presentation, discussion, peer review, keeping up with writing process deadlines, etc.): 20% 

• Exam on Unit 1: 15% 

• Writing assignments (two drafts each of comparison and cause-effect essays): 25% 

• PDF electronic portfolio that includes: An introduction, a 3rd draft of one essay, an argument essay draft 2, description of revisions of essays submitted, and reflection: 40% 

To do well in this class: 

? Make a commitment to come to the class prepared every week on time. 

? Complete assignments on time. 

? Check your email and the Moodle platform regularly. 

? Participate actively in pair/group work and Facebook Group 

? Take responsibility for your own learning: be pro-active in keeping up with assignments and requirements. 

? Communicate professionally with your instructor and course assistant 

? International students are welcome, but you are expected to attend all classes and abide by the NCCU schedule and the deadlines for assignments on the course schedule. 

Adding course policy: 

The official maximum number of seats for this class is 20. If this course is full, get on the course system waiting list, and check it daily during the drop and add period. Come to the first class if you are seriously interested in this course. Attendance will be taken from the first week. If you do not attend class and do not contact me during the first two weeks of the semester, you may be dropped from the class. I WILL SIGN COURSE REQUEST FORMS ONLY DURING THE “ADD COURSE REQUEST” PERIOD. Students who have attended the class the first two weeks will be given priority. If you enroll in the class, but then decide to not take it, please drop the class on the online system ASAP to give other students a chance to get in. 

*Language policy: 

This course is conducted in English and since it is a language course, students are expected to make their presentations and write assignments in English. I also hope that all students participate and work in English during class. However, there are times when you will need to use your first language to help you get going on assignments and to confirm your understanding of assignments and announcements. That is fine. Please just make a conscious effort to work in English most of the time in the class. The sooner you start working on your topics in English, the sooner you will gain confidence in your ability. However, if you have a problem or concern you need to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to speak with me in Chinese. I can also read Chinese, so you may write email to me in Chinese, but including English will be helpful. 

Homework, Assignments, and Projects 

Finish homework assignments and reading BEFORE arriving for class. 


• Use A4 size paper for ALL written assignments. 

• All essay drafts brought to class must be typed and printed on A4 paper in proper essay format. 

• Points will be deducted for not typing and properly formatting writing assignments. 

• Late homework penalty: 

• For each day past the deadline, the composition grade will be cut by 25%. 

• The instructor is not obligated to provide feedback or comments on late homework. 

• You are responsible for handing in assignments on time (even if you are absent the week before) and finding out about homework assignments on any day you are absent. Ask a responsible classmate you trust or email me for information. However, if someone gives you the wrong information, it cannot be redone. 

Quizzes and Exams 

• Quizzes CANNOT BE MADE UP IF MISSED. Exams may only be made up if you have made other arrangements with me at least two weeks before the exam. 

During class 

• Please respect your classmates and teacher during and after class. 

• Do not eat or sleep in class. 

• Do not spend time with social texting in class. Whatever it is, can wait until break-time. 

• Do not interrupt class by answering your cell phone. 

o Note: I only answer my phone in class if my son is calling me. 

Attendance and tardiness: The most important thing is that you SHOW UP ON TIME FOR CLASS! 

? Attendance points 

(Some days will be “double attendance point days” and some days attendance may not be taken --unannounced!): 

o 2 points: Present when role is taken. 

o 1 point: Late—you must tell me you have arrived 

o 0 points: Absent for one period (first or second) or two periods. 

? Excused absence (0 points, but no penalty): 

o Certain activities—representing NCCU in sports, music, or other event. 

o Illness: Bring receipt or documentation from doctor or hospital. 

o Family situation—please inform me in advance or as soon as possible. 

? Unexcused absence: No show, no communication, and no points 


Plagiarism and cheating 

If any student is found to have copied any part of an assignment from any other source, the student will get a “0” for that assignment and be asked to do it again. If a student is caught plagiarizing a second time or in the final portfolio, he/she will fail the course. If any student is found to have cheated on a quiz or test, the same policy will stand. 

Special needs 

If any student has any special needs due to a physical or mental handicap, please let me know so that any arrangements can be made to facilitate your success in this class. 

Textbook & Reference

Required Textbooks and other Materials 

o    Great Writing: Great Essays 4 (FOURTH EDITION) 

o    ISBN: 978-1-285-19494-3 

o    Published by: National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning 

o    Copies will be available at the campus bookstore (政大書城) Sold by Caves Books 

o    USB thumb drive to store and back up your work. 

o    You will need a folder/s in A4 size for this class. I do not accept any homework that is not written or printed on A4 size paper. 

o    English-English dictionary 

o    Writer’s Handbook (optional)

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