SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III : Speaking I (for English TaughtProgram)
InstructorCHEN HSIU-YU
Course TypeSelectively
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Grading Criteria:

Attendance – 10%

Participation – 30%

Group presentation – 30%

Final speech – 30%



  1. Attendance:

You are required to attend classes regularly and on time. Unexcused absences, tardiness or early departure will damage your attendance grade. Contact me about your absence before class if you must miss class. *You will not be allowed to give your final speech if you have FIVE (or more) unexcused absences.

  1. Participation:

Speaking up in class, either being called or voluntarily, will add points to your participation grade. Try to catch any opportunity to speak up in class to earn bonus points!

  1. Group Presentation :

Group presentation is an important part of your overall grade. It is important that 1) everyone in the group speaks during the presentation. 2) Topic of your group presentation can be any issues or subjects mentioned in the unit. 3) Group presentation should be between 10 to 15 minutes long. Fail to fulfil the above three requirements will lead to a 20% deduction of the grade of your group presentation.

Textbook & Reference

主要教材:Pathways 4: Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking (National Geographic Learning/ Cengage Learning)

輔助教材將隨課程進度於課堂中發放。取材來源包含TedTalk, BBC, UN ECOSOC, World Economic Forum 等。






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