SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English III : Speaking I (for English TaughtProgram)
InstructorCHAO I-LI
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

No budget to hire a TA


Grading Basis:

  1. (Self-designed Individual/Team) Final Presentation/Performance Project (15%, 70, 15, 15): enhance students’ abilities in project planning, organization, execution, teamwork, and informative speeches in English

  • Conv. w/I-Li: Proposal meeting & follow-up project execution (e.g., team meetings, progress, contributions, etc.)(5%)

  • Final (rehearsed) presentation / performance (10%)

  1. Presentation Exercise (30%): enhance students’ abilities in effective presentation skills (e.g., story-telling, body language, visual aids, etc.), theatrical/artistic presentations, listening, concentration, & teamwork

  • NV è delivery exercise (5%)

  • Tea-Time (TT) Story Presentation (10%, 70, 15, 15)

  • Impromptu speech (10%)

  • English Tour presentation & Q&A (5%)

  1. Weekly Participation (including experiential learning activities, book reading, Movie Days, etc.) (30%): enhance English communication, reading, and reflective skills, as well as increase students’ self-understanding via various experiential learning activities

  • In-class discussion (1 pt/week): opinion sharing and critical-question raising in class (10%)

  • Reading Club: in-class reading, journaling, & reflective discussions on a variety of subjects in the reading materials offered in class (10%)

  • FB activities: self-intro video, post-presentation self-feedback/peer feedback, etc. (10%)

  1. Finals (25%): enhance skills in effective and organizational presentations, teamwork, event planning, leading and participating in-depth discussions

  • EHP Day/Night: Tea-Time (TT) Story Cooking Show/Final Project Performance (10%)

  • Reading-Material Oral Exam (Conv.w/I-Li): Speak/write up your own insights with evidence concerning the subjects in our reading materials (10%)

  • 3-min. reflective video: presenting your learning progress in this class w/evidence (VAs) (5%)

Textbook & Reference

TextbookIn-class handouts and reading materials on subjects in a variety of content areas (e.g., communication, speech, current news, popular culture, the humanities, science, technology, economics, politics, or/and different cultures) will be offered in class.

Urls about Course
A private FB group will be created during the first week.