SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentProgram(undergraduate level)
Course NameFundamental Accounting (I)
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant:

1. Grading exams and Administering the tutoring session

2. Tutoring session: TBA 



Grading policies

Three exams will be administered in this course. Your highest score among three exams will be 50% of your term grade, and the rest of two exams will be 30% and 20%, respectively.


I expect you to come to each class meeting, but I will not take attendance on a regular basis. However, I will randomly take attendance just to get to know who are taking the course and the randomly taken attendance will be a reference to tell me who comes to class meetings and who does not. Your term grade will be based on the exams given in the classes. Exams will be administered on scheduled dates.


Textbook & Reference

(1) Required Texts:

Principal of Financial Accounting IFRS Edition / Second Edition 2017 by James D. Stice, Earl K. Stice, W. Steve Albrecht, Monte R. Swain, Rong-ruey Duh, and Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu (Cengage Learning, ISBN-13: 981-4780-67-7; ISBN-13: 978-987-4780-67-4) 

(2) Supplementary Material: 

鄭丁旺、汪泱?、黃?發、林宛瑩「初級會計學」12th edition, 2011.

(3) Calculator: 

A calculator for homework and exams is recommended but not required.

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