SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentJunior Class of Department of Diplomacy Senior Class of Department of Diplomacy
Course NameInternational Relations in Northeast Asia
InstructorLIOU TO-HAI
Course TypeSelectively
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Grade will be based upon 1. Mid-term exam (30%); 2. Group debate (20%); 3. individual paper presentation (20%); 4.written paper (20%) (Paper is supposed to be related to your group affiliation. If you are in China group, you may write a paper on Sino-North Korea relations from the Chinese perspective.) plus 5. class performance and participation(10%).

Group setup: China group; South Korea group; Japan group ; Taiwan group; US group; Russia group; Mongolia group; North Korea group

Format: 1) goals, 2) means, 3) policy contents & priorities, 4) implementation and evaluation, 5) implications.

Cross-Fire: China vs. US; Russia vs. Japan; South Korea vs. Taiwan; North Korea vs. Mongolia

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