SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentFreshman Class of Department of Land Economics(Measurement & Information Section)
Course NameCalculus
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Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant
The teaching assistant for Calculus is

林政緯 (



During the lecture term, a portfolio of tests will be written (3 tests of 25 min each) which will be used as entry qualification for the final examination. No grades will be given for the tests (pass/fail evaluation). Exercises (lab courses) will help to prepare for these tests.

Tests and final examination will be comprised of text questions related to lecture topics. Students will be evaluated based on their ability to identify and approach the problem and their problem solving skills.

Textbook & Reference

Any decent and modern math book or online course on advanced mathematics will do a good job if you feel comfortable with the learning approach and your learning experience. As the concepts are very basic, you can also pick your favourite Mandarin text book.

When it comes to exercises and questions, some knowledge of terminology will be required, so it will be a good idea, to learn about it from an English-language text book. In case you are interested in acquiring a comprehensive book on calculus you might want to look into

[Ste15] J. Steward (2015): Calculus.- 1368 pp., 8th ed., Cengage. 978-1305756281 (recommended)

[Ant12] H. Anton, I. C. Bevens, S. Davis (2012): Calculus.- 1320 pp., 10th ed., Wiley & Sons (London). 978-1118092484.

Feel free to visit my office to have a look at these books if you like. Exercise material will be distributed during the lectures and lab courses.

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