SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentMA Program of Diplomacy, First Year PhD Program of Diplomacy, First Year MA Program of Diplomacy, Second Year PhD Program of Diplomacy, Second Year
Course NameSeminar in American Government and Politics
Course TypeElective
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Students will be responsible for the following:

  1. One six page assessments and critiques of articles

  2. Submission of a preliminary literature review for their paper

  3. A final, 15-page paper



    All materials will be available either online through JSTOR, or through copies that I will provide. For those who want or need a textbook outlining the basics of American government, there are many available in the library or through bookstores.


    Participants will submit the following:

    A six page paper analyzing and assessing the arguments of two related articles we have read. These papers should: clearly identify the articles; shortly summarize the argument of each; assess and critique the argument of each in terms of logical consistency, use of evidence and data, and theoretical power: then discuss the relevance and importance of each. This is to be submitted by November 17

    A three-page review of the literature on the subject of your final paper. This review shall identify relevant articles and books, discuss their relationship with the question posed by the paper, and assess the state of the scholarship at present bearing on the question posed. To be submitted by January 6.

    Final Paper

    This paper will, building upon the literature review, data, and theoretical position you identify, explore a question implicated in the study of American politics. Your paper must clearly:

  1. Identify the question you pose

  2. Discuss that question in light of the literature review you create

  3. Identify the methodology and evidence you will utilize

  4. Analyze the data and evidence

  5. Answer the question

  6. Discuss the importance and relevance of your answer both generally and in light of your literature review.


    To be submitted 2 weeks after final week of class.




Participation: 20%

Short Papers: 20% each

Final Paper: 40%


Grading Scale:

A: 100-80: Excellent work—generates several interesting insights and displays a sure grasp of the material

B: 79-70: Good, above average work—sometimes generates interesting insights and displays a solid grasp of the material

C: 69-60: Average work—displays a competent grasp of the material

D: 59-50: Below average work—displays a grasp of the material that is sometimes deficient

F: 49- : Unacceptable work: displays a poor grasp of the material

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