SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentMA Program of Sociology, First Year MA Program of Sociology, Second Year
Course NameContemporary Chinese Society
InstructorHU LI-CHUNG
Course TypeElective
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Oral presentation (15% each, 30% total): Two oral presentations on selected papers are required for every student. Presenters need to prepare for a 20 minute oral presentation using Powerpoints. The Powerpoint file should be sent to me before Wednesday at 13:00 PM.

Final paper proposal presentation (15%): Each graduate student/group of undergraduate students is expected to prepare a 10 minute final paper proposal presentation. The purpose of this presentation is to help students develop their final paper project thorough brainstorming with classmates. Students should send a 2-page proposal to all students before November 7th. Students are also expected to prepare comments and suggestions for discussion.

Final paper (40%): Each graduate student/group of undergraduate students is expected to write an empirical paper with original data analysis, either quantitative or qualitative. An intensive literature review paper on a topic for later investigation is also accepted. A copy of the paper should be submitted on the course website by January 14th. For presentation, please prepare for a 20 minute presentation with slides.

Class participation (15%): Regular class attendance, reading assigned materials before class and active participation in class are necessary.

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