SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentPhD Program of Economics, First Year PhD Program of Economics, Second Year
Course NameMacroeconomic Theory(Ⅲ)
Course TypeRequired
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The grading will be based on 5 homework assignments and 2 exams. The exams will occur throughout the course and in the finals week. The dates are to be determined and will be updated throughout. 

Exam     Grade 

Midterm     25% 

Final     35% 

Assignments     30% 

In-class Paper Discussion     10%

Textbook & Reference

TEXTS: Daron Acemoglu, Introduction to Modern Economic Growth, Princeton University Press. 

In addition to the above textbook, the following books may be useful at various occasions (no more than one or two chapters per book though). Some of these texts are particularly useful methodologically: 

?    Aghion, P. and P. Howitt (1998), Endogenous Growth Theory, MIT Press. 

?    Azaridis, C. (1993), Intertemporal Macroeconomics, Blackwell publisher. 

?    Blanchard, O. and S. Fischer (1990), Lectures in Macroeconomics, MIT Press. 

?    Boldrin, M., B. Chen and P. Wang (2004), Human Capital, Trade and Public Policy in Rapidly Growing Economies: From Theory to Empirics, Edwards-Edgar. 

?    Barro, R. and X. Sala-i-Martin (1995), Economic Growth, McGraw-Hill. 

?    Romer, D. (1996), Advanced Macroeconomics, McGraw-Hill. 

?    Drazen, A. (2000), Political Economy in Macroeconomics, Princeton University Press. 

?    Galor, O. (2007), Discrete Dynamical System, Springer. 

?    Grossman, G. and E. Helpman (1991), Innovation and Growth in Global Economy, MIT Press. 

?    Ljungqvist, L. and T. Sargent (2000), Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, MIT Press. 

Stokey, N. and R. Lucas with E. Prescott (1989), Recursive Methods in Economic Dynamics, Harvard University Press.

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