SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentInternational Doctor Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, First Year International Doctor Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, Second Year
Course NameIntroduction to Statistical Analysis
Course TypeElective
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Course Requirements 


Class attendance is required. Unlike some other sociology courses, statistics requires you to gradually but constantly build your knowledge and skills. It is very difficult to catch up once you get behind. You are also expected to contribute to the class by asking questions, participating in class discussions, and working with each other for in-class exercises. Therefore, your attendance is essential for making these contributions. 

Reading Assignments: 

You are expected to read the assigned chapters before you come to each session. In order to successfully complete reading assignments, you need to understand what is in each chapter. In addition to highlighting the text and taking notes, I suggest you write down any specific questions. 

You may find some chapters difficult to follow. Don’t worry if this happens. It is important to finish reading the assigned chapter before each session to get a general idea about the chapter and go back to it after class to make sure that you understand the materials better. 

Problem Solving Assignments: 

Learning by doing is very important for your understanding of statistics. There will be exercise questions given to you at the end of most sessions. You will have at least a week to complete each assignment. If you start working on your assignments early, you will have a chance to ask questions in the next class session before submitting your assignments. 

I will collect assignments at the beginning of the scheduled class sessions. If you turn in your assignments late (anytime after the class session starts and before 4:00 pm on the next day), you will lose points. Where to submit late assignments: To be arranged by the TA. 

Honor Code: 

Please help each other, by all means, to exchange notes for missed class sessions, study for exams, etc. The assignments that you turn in should be your own work, however. Any form of violation will result in a "zero" for that particular assignment or an "F" for the course, at my discretion. 


Problem Solving Assignments: 50% 

Tests (3 tests including final): 45% 

Attendance: 5%

Textbook & Reference

Agresti, Alan & Barbara Finlay, 2009. Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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