SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentThe International Master Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) , First Year The International Master Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) , Second Year
Course NameContemporary Issues on International Financial Markets
InstructorLIN TSO-YU
Course TypeElective
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YiHsien Yu (, Claire Ke (  (, and HuiShuang Tseng ( They are master students in the Dept. of Land Economics in NCCU. They will be attending this class as well.



Temp: class participation 20%, Individual/Team presentation and report 40%, final exam 40%.

Textbook & Reference


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My Recent Published Paper (related to this class, in English, cited)

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Lecturer Introduction: Professor Tsoyu Calvin LIN(林左裕教授), Distinguished Professor, NCCU; Current position: Dean, Office of General Affairs, NCCU. Distinguished Professor, Department of Land Economics, NCCU Fulbright Campus Advisor, NCCU. Experiences: Deputy Dean, College of Social Sciences Director, Int’l Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) Professor, “Futures and Options”, Nationwide Education TV channel (ChungHua TV), Taiwan. Ph.D., (1996) Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA Dept. of Urban and Regional Science (major in Real Estate and Housing Finance), Board Director of the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) Fulbright visiting professor, Fisher Real Estate and Urban Economics Center, Hass Business School, UC Berkeley, CA., USA. Visiting professor, College of Business, Appalachian State University, N.C., USA. Visiting professor, College of Management, Beijing University of Technology, China. Professor, International Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Member of Consulting Committee: Taipei MRT Land Development Funds, Taiwan Labor Insurance Funds Management, Taiwan Postal Corp. Insurance Fund Management, Taipei District Court on Real Estate Appraisal… Professor Contact Tel: (O)+886-2-29393091 ext. 62098; Email:, or