SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentThe International Master Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) , First Year
Course NameModernization and Social Development of Indigenous Peoplesin Taiwan
InstructorKUAN DA-WEI
Course TypeElective
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This is a reading seminar, and students should expect to read up to 4 articles or book chapters per week. Each seminar participant is required to make four to five (depends on the number of students enrolled in the course) presentations of weekly reading by the end of the semester. Students not making presentation for that week should also read the weekly reading and participate in class discussion. Students not making presentation for that week should write a one-page commentary on the readings. The commentary should be submitted on-line by Tuesday evening. You are encouraged to bring in other sources such as other bodies of literature, case studies, or your own experience to enrich the discussion of the assigned topic.


In addition to the readings, this course will arrange a field trip to visit indigenous communities in Taiwan. The field trip aims to help students to experience the situation of Taiwan indigenous society. In the trip, students will visit the legacy of colonial contact, witness the impact of tourism business, and local community's efforts to engage modernity. Furthermore, students will experience community-based ecological tourism, local organic farming and cultural revitalization that reflect indigenous peoples’ efforts to seek for alternative development.

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