SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentSchedule of College of Commerce Elective Courses for Commerce Students
Course NameWriting and Oral Training I
InstructorCHEN YOU-MIN
Course TypeElective
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* Grading rubrics and guidelines for the content and organization of each assignment will be available on-line or distributed in class.

1. Attendance, participation and discussion (30%) – Each student is expected to prepare for and attend all classes. Small group discussions and reflective exercises will occur at every class meeting and students are expected to participate in a focused and professional manner. Students are also encouraged to ask questions. I recognize that absences due to illness and emergency are inevitable. However, only one excused absence is permitted. A second absence requires a make-up assignment. After the second absence, your grade will be affected.

2. Author Chair Presentation (30%) – Every two weeks, we will focus on a chapter from the Weaving It Together Book. Students will sign up for a chapter to present in a group. Each group will be responsible for a 35-40 minute presentation. Grading rubrics will be illustrated and distributed in class.

3. In-Class Papers & Individual Journals (30%) - Students will have to write their own journals based on the assigned topics at home. Usually, the whole class would finish one essay together, yet students would have to do it individually at times.

4. Final Portfolio (10%) – Students are required to collect all their papers during the whole semester. Put them as a portfolio and submit it to the instructor at the end the last class.


More than two absences will have an impact on the final grade. Reading and homework must be completed prior to class. In-class discussion requires active participation.

Textbook & Reference

1. Broukal, M. (2004) Weaving It Together Book 2, Third Edition. Boston: Thomson.

2. Selected teaching materials will be assigned as related to class content.

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