SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentSchedule of College of Commerce Elective Courses for Commerce Students
Course NameMacroeconomics
Course TypeElective
PrerequisiteEconomic Analysis、Economics、Intro Microeconomics、Introduction to Economics、Principle of Economics
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

TBD (Grading homework and exams and holding office hours)


Class Attendance: Class attendance is strongly recommended. Students registered for the course who do not regularly come to class may receive a grade of ND. However, I do not take attendance in a regular basis and the grades are granted based on exams.

Policy on missed exam: The dates of the midterm and final exams are fixed. Students who experience a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention from a physician, or an emergency that prevents them from taking the exam may be excused. However, students must contact the instructor before the exam and must verify their condition by official documents. No exceptions will be made for job interviews, holiday travel, or other non-academic activities. When a student is properly excused from an exam, no make-up exam will be offered. Instead, his or her course grade will be adjusted based on other exams and homeworks.

Policy on Regrading: If, after reviewing the exam answers, a student feels that there is a grading mistake on his or her exam, that student can submit a re-grade request. The student must submit a written discussion within one week from the time at which the exams are handed back. When regrade request is accepted, the entire exam will be regraded, which could lower the score as well.

Academic Dishonesty: Cheating hurts our community by undermining academic integrity, creating mistrust and fostering unfair competition. The university will punish cheaters with failure on an

assignment, failure in a course, permanent transcript notation and/or expulsion. Violations can include cheating on exams, plagiarism, reuse of assignments without permission, improper use of the Internet and electronic devices, unauthorized collaboration, alteration of graded assignments, forgery, falsification and lying.


  • Homework (3): 15 percent

  • Midterm 1: 20 percent

  • Midterm 2: 30 percent

  • Final exam: 35 percent

Homework: There will be 3 homeworks during the semester. Late homeworks will not be accepted for any circumstances. The tentative schedule of homework is as follows: 1st Homework: (10/5, due 10/19), 2nd Homework: (11/9, due 11/23), 3rd Homework: (12/21, due 1/4)

Exam Times (TBD):

  • Midterm 1: Thursday, October 26, in class time.

  • Midterm 2: Thursday, November 30, in class time.

  • Final Exam: Thursday, January 11, in class time

Textbook & Reference

“Macroeconomics” by Gregory Mankiw. Any edition after the 6th edition is sufficient to follow the material of the course. The chapter number in the syllabus is based on the 6th edition.

Urls about Course
Course Website: (ID and Password to access the website will be announced in the class) Relevant class material will be posted on the course website. Homework assignments and notifications will be also available there.