SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentJunior Class A, Department of International Business Junior Class B, Department of International Business Senior Class A, Department of International Business Senior Class B, Department of International Business
Course NameInternational Investment(I)
InstructorFU YEE-TIEN
Course TypeElective
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Your final letter grade will be determined by your average score.   There are two ways you can achieve each letter grade.  For each student, I use whichever method gives the highest letter grade. 

       Method #1 (“Minimum Score”)       Method #2 (“Class Rank” ) 

       for attaining this grade           for attaining this grade 

       is an average score of…             is an average score…


  A       93.0 or higher                  in the top 20% of the class

  A-       90.0 – 92.9                     in the top 29 % of the class

  B+       85.0 – 89.9                      in the top 45% of the class

  B       80.0 – 84.9                     in the top 60% of the class

  B-       75.0 – 79.9                      in the top 69% of the class

  C+       70.0 – 74.9                      in the top 79% of the class

  C       60.0 – 69.9                      in the top 89% of the class

  C-    55.0 – 59.9                     in the top 91% of the class

  D       50.0 – 54.9                     in the top 95% of the class

  F        below 50.0            

To make sure you understand: The scores in each column are sufficient, but not necessary, to get the associated grade.  For example, every student in the top 20% will earn an “A” even if his/her average score is less than 93.0.  And every student with an average score of 93.0 or better will get an “A” even that is more than 20% of the class. I know that grades are important to students. I do everything I can to treat everyone fairly. But in this course, grades are based solely on the average score for the assigned work and exams; no extra credit or additional work will be offered, and grades cannot be negotiated.

Textbook & Reference

International Economics

Author(s) : Paul R. Krugman Publisher : Pearson Copyright year : © 2018 Edition : 11th

Print ISBN : 9780134519579, 0134519574 eText ISBN : 9780134520636, 0134520637

International Financial Management

8th Edition

By Cheol Eun and Bruce Resnick 

Copyright: 2018 


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