SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentMA Program of Management Information Systems, First Year MA Program of Management Information Systems, Second Year
Course NameR Computing for Business Data Analytics
Course TypeElective
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Not available.


Homework: 50%

  I will distribute 4 to 5 assignments during the semester. While you are allowed to discuss homework questions with classmates, you must finish all assignments by yourself.

Term Project: 40%

    You have to form a group of 2-4 people to work on this. The project will require you to identify a research question and apply technique(s) that you learn from this course.

    Project Proposal (10%): Turn in a one- or two-page proposal and explain to me what you want to do for the term project.

    Final Report (30%): Your group must turn in a report written in ADEQUATE Chinese or English (NO more than 15 pages). The report should 1) articulate the research question, 2) explain the method/model you use to tackle the question, 3) specify data source, 4) present results of data analysis, and 5) discuss implications of your findings.

    Please keep the final report short and sweet.

Peer Evaluation: 10%

Do NOT be a free rider in group activities…Learning only occurs by doing.

Textbook & Reference


Lecture notes will be provided and NO textbooks are required.

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