SemesterFall Semester, 2017
Course NameCopyright Law and Economics
Course TypeElective
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Grading Policy:

  1. Reading (cases) preparation and class participation: *25% (due every Sunday @19:00)

  • Presenter(s): make a 40-minute oral presentations with PowerPoint slides on scheduled date(s)

  • Others: read the materials in advance and actively participate in the discussion

  1. Mid-term work-in-progress: *25% (due every Sunday @19:00 - 10 notes needed)

  • Everyone: find something related to copyright (from newspaper, recent court decisions, etc.), write a 100-word Note and post it on NCCU course website

#Tips: applying the knowledge you learned to a specific case is particularly welcome!

  1. Final presentation (oral and written submission): 40% (due 17th Week) ?

  • Everyone: write a 6,000-word paper on any ©-related issue

#Tips: comparing case law development in Taiwan is particularly welcome!

  1. Peer-review and feedbacks: *10%


Please be alerted that any delay of your on-line submission will affect the final grade by 5% DAILY!


Textbook & Reference

Textbook: Robert P. Merges, Peter S. Menell & Mark A. Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (6th ed.; 2012)


Additional References:

  1. Robert P. Merges, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age – 2015 CASE AND STATUTORY SUPPLEMENT (5th ed.; 2015)

  2. Julie E. Cohen & Lydia P. Loren, Copyright in A Global Information Economy (4th ed.; 2015)

  3. CopyrightX (Harvard Law School distance-learning initiative):

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CopyrightX (Harvard Law School distance-learning initiative):