SemesterFall Semester, 2017
DepartmentInternational Master's Program in International Communication Studies, First Year
Course NameResearch Methods
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  1. Attendance (5%)

    Class participation and attendance are important. Only legitimate absence with supporting evidence (e.g., medical certificate) can be excused. Each student who exceeds three times of absence will lose all attendance points.

  2. Class Discussions & Participation (10%)

    This class involves in-class group discussions and share perspectives in class or on class Facebook. Students are expected to offer critical and constructive comments on readings, assignments or others work.

  3. Moderating method paper (15%) (New media; later than year 2015)

    Two students together select a good journal paper that demonstrates specific qualitative or quantitative method(s). Each student is required to propose a pertinent question from the selected reading for class discussion. Both selected articles and questions must get approval from the instructor one week before the presentations and post them to Moodle. During the moderation week, each team will have 10 minute ppt presentation to elaborate highlights especially methods and 5 minutes for Q&A discussions. Moderators must upload a ppt file (including answers to Qs) to NCCU course website one week after the presentation.

  4. Individual data analysis (30%: 15%x2)

    1) Qualitative data analysis: Definition of one key concepts, overview, subthemes with quotes, summary)(>500 words)

    2) Quantitative data analysis: Run statistics & write the data analysis results

    Datasets will be provided by the instructor.

  5. Research proposal (45%-- 10% mid term ppt presentation; 30% final proposal written paper; 5% discussant)

2-3 students team up to write a research proposal which contains introduction, research aims, succinct literature review (relevant studies, theoretic concepts or analytical framework), and a method session. The rigor of research design is essential for the quality evaluation. The length of the article is expected to be 4,000-6,000 words (excluding references, tables, figures, appendix, etc.) with APA-style references. Each group gives a 15-min ppt presentation and 15 min Q&A. The ppt slides and written proposals must be uploaded to Moddle. Additionally, each paper will also be discussed by two discussants similar to international conference arrangement. The discussants, in turn, are expected to provide constructive feedback to the proposals.

Textbook & Reference

  • Babbie, E. (2013).The practice of social research. Boston: Cengage. 300.72 B113E13 (Main Library 2F)

  • Rick H. Hoyle, Monica J. Harris, & Charles M. Judd. (2002). Research methods in social relations. Fort Worth, Tex.: Wadsworth. 300.72 J92 2002 (Main Library 2F)

  • Bruce L. Berg. (2012). Qualitative research methods for the social sciences. Boston, Pearson. 300.72 B493 2012 (Main Library 2F)

  • Sappleton, N. (2013). Advancing research methods with new technologies. (Some readings will be provided on Moddle in e-copies.)

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