SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentIntegrated Curriculum by Dept. of Diplomacy
Course NameInternational Relations
InstructorLEE MING
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule
Week 1:

Introduction & Chapter 1 "Discovering World Politics," pp. 1-20. 


Week 2:

Chapter 2 "Interpreting World Politics through the Lens of Theory," pp. 21-51.


Week 3:

Chapter 3 "Theories of International Decision Making," pp. 52-81.


Week 4:

Chapter 4 "Great Power Relations and Rivalries," pp. 84-115.


Week 5:

Chapter 5 "World Politics and the Global South," pp. 116-146.


Week 6:

Chapter 6 "Nonstate Actors and the Quest for Global Community," pp. 147-192.


Week 7:

Mid-term exam


Week 8:

Chapter 7 "The Threat of Armed Conflict to the World," pp. 194-232.


Week 9:

Chapter 8 "The Pursuit of Power through Arms and Alliance," pp. 233-273.


Week 10:

Chapter 9 "The Quest for Peace through International Law and Collective Security," pp. 274-317.


Week 11:

Chapter 10 "The Globalization of International Finance," pp. 320-352.


Week 12:

Chapter 11 "International Trade in the Global Marketplace," pp. 353-390.


Week 13:

Chapter 12 "The Demographic and Cultural Dimensions of Globalization," pp. 391-421.


Week 14:

Chapter 13 "The Promotion of Human Development and Human Rights," pp. 422-454.


Week 15:

Chapter 14 "Global Responsibility for the Preservation of the Environment," pp. 455-490.


Week 16:

Chapter 15 "Looking Ahead at Global Trends and Transformations," pp. 492-506.


Week 17:

Overall review


Week 18:

Final exam


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Mid-term exam will be given at 7th week, that counts 40% of the entire grade.

Final exam will be given at the 18th week, that counts 50% of the entire grade.

Attendance will count 10% of the entire grade.

Both mid-term and final will proceed in the classes. 

Textbook & Reference


Blanton, Shannon L. & Charles W. Kegley. 2017. World Politics: Trend & Transformation.  Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.


For those students who could manage Chinese, they could refer to

李明   總編輯,《國際關係》。台北:前程文化事業股份有限公司,2018年8月初版。,

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