SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentDept. of English Course Schedule for Minor Students
Course NameEnglish Composition I
Course TypeRequired
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週次  課程主題 內容及指定閱讀 教學活動及作業 學習投入時間 備註
1 welcome: what is English composition? Friends, soulmates rivals: the double   4hrs.  
2 starting: Developing Composition Skills Unit 1 -p.19 practice sheet 4hrs.  
3 starting practice sheet 4hrs.  
4 擴寫 Unit 2 practice sheet 4hrs.  
5 縮寫 Freakonomics practice sheet 4hrs.  
6 人物 essay 1 4hrs.  
7 倡議 practice sheet 4hrs.  

週次  課程主題 內容及指定閱讀 教學活動及作業 學習投入時間 備註


active reading ( Writing p.27 )

elementary principle of composition  ES p.21-p.55 )

comments & proposal Unit 3 4hrs.  
9 期中考     5hrs.  
10 Exposition Unit 4 practice sheet 4hrs.  
11 Exposition  Unit 4 essay 2 4hrs.  
12 Persuasion Unit 5 practice sheet 4hrs.  
13 Persuasion Unit  5 practice sheet 4hrs.  
14 essay 3 4hrs.  

週次  課程主題 內容及指定閱讀 教學活動及作業 學習投入時間 備註
15 說明 Unit 6 4hrs.  
16 評論

Unit 7

literary review

practice sheet 4hrs.  
17 評論

Unit 7

something on the research paper

essay 4 4hrs.  
18 期末考 Class Sit-in Exam Unit 8    

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

to be appointed.


1. 寫作小作業4次  50%(選分數較高的 3次納入期末總分計算。 若缺交一次,則期末只採計高分者 2 次,只能得到 40%的成績,缺交兩次,期末 只採計高分者 2次,只能得到 30%的成績,以此類推。)

2. 期中與期末共 30%

3. 討論課表現     20%

4. 出席情況另外於學期總分增減

Textbook & Reference


1. Mary K. Ruetten. Developing Composition Skills: Academic Writing and Grammar. 3rd. Heinle, 2012.

2. Vargo Mari and Laurie Blass. Pathways: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking 4.   National Geographic Learning & Hi Language Learning, 2014.

3. J. A. W. Heffernan and John E. Lincoln. Writing: A College Handbook.  4th edition. Norton, 1994.

4. William Strunk, Jr.  The Elements of Style. Workbook. The Top Education: Texas, 2017. 

Handouts: Selections from the follows:

1. Christopher Woodward, "In Ruins: A Journey Through History, Art, and Literature."

New York: Vintage Books, 2003 (orig. 2001).

2. Alain de Botton "Essays in Love," Revised Edition (London: Picador 2006)

3. Wolf Naomi. The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women. Harper

Perennial 2002 (orig. 1992).

4. Edward W. Said. The Text, the World, the Critic. Harvard University Press, 1983.,theWorld,theCritic.pdf

5. S.D.Levitt & S.J.Dubner. "What Do School Teachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have in Common."Freakonomics. New York: First Harper Perennial Edition, 2009.

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