SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English I
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

The following schedule may vary from class to class due to different holidays and days off.






Content and Reading Assignment


Teaching Activities and Homework


Student workload expectation


In-class Hours


Outside-of-class Hours

Week 1

Introductions and writing exercises

First impressions of speaking; Writing exercise: Writing an email to your professor

Individual Student Introductions and Email writing HW: Read the first article



Week 2

Making First Impressions in your University Life

Article 1: “Making a Great First Impression”

Group interaction; listening activities; HW: Read the next article; Find own article on making friends in college



Week 3

Staying Healthy in College

Article 2: “Can the Japanese diet help you live to 100?”

Group interaction; listening activities; HW: Read the next article; Find own article on nutrition interest



Week 4

What it Means to be Successful

Article 3: “Taiwan’s top 3D street artist brings illusions to life as he lives his dream”

Group interaction; listening activities; HW: Read the next article; Find own article on a successful person



Week 5

Making Voluntary Changes and Embracing Involuntary Changes

Article 4 “30 days to change your life”

Group interaction; listening activities; HW: Read the next article; Find own article on how to do something new



Week 6

Taking Risks and Facing Fear

Article 5 “Becoming a Risk-Taker”

Group interaction; listening activities; HW: Begin to prepare for midterm presentations



Week 7

Sharing your Story: writing the narrative paragraph

Read various accounts of American college experiences

Group interaction; listening activities: Compare your experience with American college students; HW: Prepare presentations



Week 8

Individual Presentations


Presenting an opinion with support: article and personal experience



Week 9

Individual Presentations


Presenting an opinion with support: article and personal experience



Week 10

Reading/Writing Exam

Test of both reading and writing skills

Students complete the reading/writing test; Prepare for final presentations



Week 11

Online Cultural Course

Complete unit quizzes on own;

Unit 1 Hofstede’s cultural dimensions; Unit 2 Stereotypes; Unit 3 Education

Homework online course discussion questions (units 1-3)



Week 12

Online cultural course discussion and seminar

Bring writing homework from online course for in-class discussion

Group interaction; listening activities; HW:



Week 13

Film: Akeelah and the Bee

Learn English spelling tips with etymology

Group interaction; listening activities; Learn vocabulary and discuss cultural differences



Week 14

Film: Akeelah and the Bee

Discuss cross-cultural differences and strategies for success

Group interaction; listening activities; Learn vocabulary and write a film review



Week 15

Cultural holidays around the world

Seminar discussion and group presentations

In-class discussions in groups; listening activities; HW: Find own article on cultural tips for visiting a country you’d like to go to in the future



Week 16

Culture & travel: Final Presentation Preparation

Prepare for the final group presentation

Group discussion and listening activities; Share own article on cultural travel tips; HW: Prepare for presentations



Week 17

Final Presentations


Students present their assigned topics in groups



Week 18

Final Presentations


Students present their assigned topics in groups



Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Class time will be devoted to activities that allow students to practice and interact in English. To successfully complete the course, students must prepare the assigned homework prior to class and, while in class actively participate in class discussions and pair/group work. Students’ final grades are determined by the following course components:


? Participation (attendance, homework, class work): 20%

? Online course: 15%

? Individual presentation: 20%

? Final group presentation: 20%

? Reading/writing exam: 25%



Your participation grade will be based on your attendance, homework preparation, and the contribution you make to the learning experience of others. Contribution includes your in-class questions to the instructor, insights and comments regarding class content, answers to the instructor’s questions, and reactions to other students’ contributions. Students will be expected to take notes in class and turn in those notes at the end of the class to be counted for participation credit.


Attendance: Students must attend class. Those who miss three classes or more will fail the course. If a student is late three times for a class, it will count as an absence.


Homework: Students are expected to complete the assigned readings for homework, including the teacher-assigned articles. The rest of the homework will be assigned topics for research. Students must find an English article online related to the assigned topic, print the article, and bring it to class to share with classmates. In addition, students must prove their effort by learning new vocabulary from the article that they choose to read for homework. In class, students will summarize the article and express their opinion based on what they have read.


Class work: Students will take notes in class as exercises in listening and speaking. Students mostly play the role of a reporter, interviewing each other in groups or pairs and writing information from what they gather. They will then use that information to write a summary paragraph of what they have learned based on the topic under discussion.


Online course

Students must register online to be included in this portion of the course. They will be assigned the first three units of the course (Unit 1 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions; Unit 2 Stereotypes; Unit 3 Education), including watching the videos, completing the online quizzes, and writing answers to discussion questions for homework. Students will be graded on their performance on the online quizzes and effort on written homework based on the discussion questions.


Individual presentation

For the first presentation, students will share an opinion based on one of the topics that we have discussed in previous lessons. In support of their opinion, students must use their own personal experience as well as cite factual information from an English article that they have read and studied. Students may decide whether or not they would like to use PPT for their presentation. All PPT presentations must be prepared in advance so as not to waste time in class setting up.


Final group presentation

For the final presentation, students in groups will be assigned a different region of the world and present a popular city from that region to the class. Students will share information related to that city to an audience that is interested in visiting or living in this city in the future. Each student presents a different aspect of the city, such as culture and customs; what to see and do; what to eat and drink there; popular sports in this city; experience visiting; etc. Students will be graded on the content they present; clarity (including pronunciation); speaking confidence; and their opinion based on the information they learned from their research about the city.


Reading/writing exam

The content of this test is from the teacher-assigned articles that students have read and interacted with in the course. There will be questions based on the content of the reading, in which students need to write answers in complete sentences. There will also be a longer writing component, in which students must write a one-paragraph composition based on the topic of the article.

Textbook & Reference

  • Study materials:

    1. Dimensions of national culture [Reading]

    1. Country comparison [Reading]

    1. Applications of national culture [Reading]

    1. Hofstede's six cultural dimensions [6 videos]

    2. Host Chris Rock rapped over Asian-American 'joke' [Video]

    3. Chris Rock criticized after Asian joke at Oscars [Video]

    4. People Aren’t Happy With Chris Rock’s Asian Joke At The Academy Awards [Reading]


    1. Donald Trump vs Barack Obama: Talking About Women [Video]

    2. The Origins of Stereotypes [Reading]


    1. Stereotypes and Prejudices [Reading]

    2. College Classroom Culture [5 Videos]

    1. Formal and informal classroom culture in the U.S. [2 videos]

    1. A Conversation with Chinese and American Students [Video]

    2. How Do American, Chinese and French Students Characterize their Teachers’ Communication? [Reading]


  • Resources:


BBC Learning English:

TED talks:

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