SemesterFall Semester, 2019
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Course NameWestern Images of China and Taiwan
Course TypeSelectively
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Course outline: subject to change. It is important that you read the assigned course reading before class.




Course Content

Course readings

1 - September 11

Introduction to the Course; Early Images of China (before 1600)

PPT, class discussion

Colin Mackerras, Western Images of China [abbreviated Western Imageshereafter], chapters 1 & 2

2 - September 18

Jesuits, Philosophes, and


PPT, class discussion

Franc?ois Quesnay, “Le despotisme de la Chine” (1767) & Oliver Goldsmith, “Citizen of the World” (1760-61) excerpts

3 - September 25

Changing Fashions: Nineteenth-Century Images of China

PPT, class discussion

Macartney's “Observations on China” (1794) & Rev. Arthur Smith, “Chinese Characteristics” (1894) excerpts

4 - October 2

Early Images of Taiwan

PPT, class discussion

George Psalmanazar, “An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa” (1704) excerpts; contemporary maps of Formosa

5 – October 9

Early Republican China; China and the Civil War

PPT, class discussion

Edgar Snow, “Red Star over China” (1937) excerpts

6 - October 16

Allies: China and World War II

PPT, class discussion

Time and Life magazine excerpts; “Why We Fight” Documentary

7 – October 23

Images of China, Post-1949

PPT, class discussion

Western Images, chapter 6

8 - October 30

Early Cold War Images of Taiwan/China

PPT, class discussion

Time and Life magazine excerpts

9 – November 6

Midterm Examination


10 – November 13

Images and the Cultural Revolution, Western Intellectuals and China

PPT, class discussion

Jann Myrdal, “China: The Revolution Continued,” (1970), Lorenz Stucki, “Behind the Great Wall: An Appraisal of Mao's China,” (1965), Felix Greene, “Awakened China: The Country Americans Don't Know,” (1961), Shirley MacLaine, “You Can Get There from Here,” (1975)

11 - November 20

Free China: Images of Taiwan

PPT, class discussion

Magazine and newspaper excerpts (including National Geographic); visual images

12 - November 27

The PRC’s Diplomatic Opening: 1970s

PPT, class discussion

Magazine and newspaper excerpts; visual images

13 – December 4

Nixon in China

Video and discussion

Nixon library documentary, “Nixon in China”; “Nixon in China” opera, excerpts

14 – December 11

The PRC’s Economic Opening and Western Images

PPT, class discussion

Time and Life magazine excerpts

15 – December 18

Conflicting Images: Tiananmen, World Trade Organization, Beijing 2008

PPT, class discussion

Magazine and newspaper excerpts; visual images

16 -

December 25 - Seasons Greetings

Images of Contemporary China

PPT, class discussion

“Summary of 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America”; newspaper/periodical excerpts

17 – January 1

Founding Day/New Year Holiday


18 - January 8

Final Examination


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Assignments and grading criteria:

Participation and attendance: 10% (‘perfect’ attendance policy – 0 or 1 absence, regardless of cause) Mid-term: 30%

Essay and/or class projects: 30%

Final: 30%

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