SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentFreshman Class A, Department of Public Finance Freshman Class B, Department of Public Finance Sophomore Class A, Department of Public Finance Sophomore Class B, Department of Public Finance Junior Class A, Department of Public Finance Junior Class B, Department of Public Finance Senior Class A, Department of Public Finance Senior Class B, Department of Public Finance
Course NameTaiwan Line
InstructorLIN CHI-ANG
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Sep. 12: Introduction (

Sep. 19: The Taiwan Experience: 1949-present 

Sep. 26: The Taiwan-US relationship: 1979-present

Oct. 3: The US-China relationship: 1979-present

Oct. 10 (Double Ten): No Class

Oct. 17: The US One-China Policy

Oct. 24: The Chinese Communist "One Counrty, Two Sysyems" Principle

Oct. 31: The US-China Trade War

Nov. 7: DPP's Anti-Chinese Culture Sentiment and Policy 

Nov. 14: The Taiwan Line (Free China) 

Nov. 21: Distinguished Guest Lecture

Nov. 28: One-Day Field Trip

Dec. 5: Group Presentation A

Dec. 12: Group Presentation B

Dec. 19: Group Presentation C

Dec. 26: Group Presentation D

Jan. 2: No Class

Jan. 9: Final In-Class Meeting

Teaching Methods
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Grades will be determined on the basis of the student's performance in relation to a) class attendance and participation, b) one individual assignment, c) one group presentation on analyzing a cross-strait politico-economic issue or a Taiwan-US partnership, and d) one individual report.

Class attendance and participation (10%)

Individual assignment (20%)

Group presentation (30%)

Final report (40%)

Textbook & Reference

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