SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentSophomore Class of Department of Land Economics(Measurement & Information Section)
Course NameCartography
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

The course takes place in the GIS lab (610) and will take 3 hours per week in class.

This course and all handout/upload material are provided in English, therefore a basic command of the English language will be required. Also, a basic understanding of spatial data and a feeling for spatial information and relationships are of advantage. For the technical aspects of this course, a basic knowledge about trigonometry and trigonometric identities, coordinate systems and transformations as well as partial differentiation (for error propagation) will be beneficial but not needed.

For a topical schedule see course attachment. 

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant for Cartography will be announced in due time.


This course has a midterm and final exam. Homework assignments and bonus exercises will help to consolidate the obtained knowledge.

The midterm examination will be a portfolio of questions and/or a project covering the theoretical foundations of cartography.

The final exam will be a mapping project. In order to complete the final project suceesfully, students will set up a mapping project, produce a digital map and describe their mapping concept and realization.

Textbook & Reference

All relevant material will be distributed during class. A good, though slightly out-dated introductory text is provided by

- Robinson, AH et al. (1995): Elements of Cartography.- 6th ed., 688 pp., Wiley. ISBN 978-0471555797.

- Tyner, JA (2010): Principles of Map Design.- xii+259 pp., The Guilford Press (New York). ISBN 978-1-60623-544-7

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