SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentPhD Program of Political Science, First Year PhD Program of Political Science, Second Year
Course NamePolitical Theory and Methods
InstructorYEH HAO
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Week 01 Introduction 

Week 02 Analytic Political Philosophy 

Week 03 Political Philosophy for Earthlings 

Week 04 Political Theory, Social Science, and Real Politics 

Week 05 The Method of Critique 

Week 06 Dialectical Approaches 

Week 07 Political Theory and History 

Week 08 Political Theory and the Boundaries of Politics 

Week 09 Thinking Politically and Thinking about Politics 

Week 10 Political Philosophy versus History 

Week 11 Rescuing Political Theory from the Tyranny of History 

Week 12 From Historical Contextualism, to Mentalism, to Behaviourism 

Week 13 Contingency and Judgement in History of Political Philosophy: a Phenomenological Approach 

Week 14 Political Philosophy and the Dead Hand of its History 

Week 15 Politics, Political Theory and its History 

Week 16 Constraint, Freedom, and Exemplar: History and Theory without Teleology 

Week 17 History and Reality: Idealist Pathologies and 'Harvard School' Remedies 

Week 18 The New Realism: From modus vivendi to Justice

Teaching Methods
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1.Class participation 20%

2.Oral presentation 40%

3.Final report 40%

Textbook & Reference

***Jonathan Floyd and Marc Stears, Political Philosophy versus History? (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011). 

***David Leopold and Marc Stears (eds.), Political Theory: Methods and Approaches (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008). 

Andrew Vincent, The Nature of Political Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004). 

Preston King, Thinking Past a Problem: Essays on the History of Ideas (London: Frank Cass, 2000).

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