SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentPhD Program of Economics, First Year PhD Program of Economics, Second Year
Course NameMicroeconomic Theory(Ⅲ)
InstructorLI HAO-CHUNG
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

This class expects intensive input from students. In addition to the 3 hour lecture, at least 12 hours of study is expected. 

Part 1: Consumer and firm analysis

Week 1-4: Consumer demand analysis (JR Chap 1,2; MWG 2,3; class notes)

Week 5-6: Extensions and applications of consumer demand analysis (class notes)

Week 7-8: Theory of the firm  (JR Chap 3; MWG 5; class notes)

Week 9: Midterm

Part 2 General equilibrium

Week 10-12: General equilibrium in an exchange economy (MWG 15,16; class notes)

Week 13: General equilibrium in an production economy (MWG 15,16; class notes)

Week 14-15: General equilibrium under uncertainty (MWG 19; class notes)

Week 16-17: Public goods and externality 

Week 18: Final exam

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Evaluation will be based on 2 written exams. 

Midterm exam 50% 

Final exam 50%

Textbook & Reference

1. Advanced Microeconomic Theory (2011) by Jehle, G. and P. Reny (JR)

2. Microeconomic Theory (1995) by Mas-Colell, A., Whinston M., and J. Green. (MWG)

3. Microeconomic Analysis (1992) by Varian, H. (V)

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