SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentJunior Class of Department of Statistics
Course NameSurvey Sampling
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1   Introduction                            Introduction                                           None                                3.0                    4.5

2   Elements of the Sampling    Technocal terms, How to select sample,  Chapter 2 #7,11,2125,      3.0                    4.5

Problem Source of errors in Surveys, Designing 27,30
  a questionnaire, planning a survey

3  A Review of Some Basic          Summarizing information in population and Chapter 3 #6,10,15     3.0                    4.5

Concepts samples:the infinite population case,

Summarizing information in population and,

                                                     samples:the finite population case

4   A Review of Some Basic         Sampling distributions, covariance and     Chapter 3 #22,25,26         3.0                    4.5

Concepts corellation,estimation
5 Simple Random Sampling How to draw a simple random sample, Chapter 4 #2,5,11,14,19 3.0        4.5

                                                     Estimation of a population mean and total,

6    Simple Random Sampling     Selectingthe sample size for estimating      Chapter 4 #22,27,35,38,      3.0                    4.5

                                                     population means and totals                                     45,49

7   Stratified Random Sampling   How to draw a stratified random sample,      Chapter 5 #1, 5, 10, 16,    3.0                    4.5

                                                      Estimation of a population means and totals,       19,22                                                                                                                              ,allocation of the sample,selecting the

                                                      sample size for estimating population

8   Stratified Random Sampling    Estimation of a population proportion,          Chapter 5 #25,29,31,35,     3.0                    4.5

                                                       selecting the sample size and allocating           38,43,49

                                                       the sampe to estimate proportions,additional

                                                       comments on stratified sampling, an optimum

                                                       rule for choosing strata,stratification after

                                                        selsection of the sample.

9   Ratio Regression and               survey that requirethe use of ratio estimators,     Chapter 6 #22,27,35,38,    3.0                    4.5

Difference Estimation ratio estimation using simple random sampling, 45,49

se;ecting the sample size,

10     midterm                                Chapter 1-Chapter 6                                                     All

11   Ratio Regression and          ratio estimation in stratified random sampling,        Chapter 6 #22,27,35,38,   3.0                    4.5

Difference Estimation regression estimation, difference estimation, 45,49

relative efficient estimators

12   Systematic Sampling       How to draw a systematic sample, estimation of a    Chapter 7 #4,10,14           3.0                    4.5

                                                population means and totals,estimation of a

                                                population proportion

13 Systematic Sampling      Selecting the sample size, repeated systematic      Chapter 7 #18,21,24,28      3.0                    4.5

                                             sampling, further discussion of variance estimators.

14  Cluster Sampling          How to draw a cluster sample, estimation of a        Chapter 8 #2,8,14,16,          3.0                    4.5

population means and totals, equal cluster
  sizes:comparison to simple random sampling,

15   Cluster Sampling       Selecting the sample size for estimating population     Chapter 8 #18,24,28,37    3.0                    4.5

                                          means and totals, estimating a population proportion

                                          ,Selecting the sample size for estimating population

                                         proportion, cluster samplig combined with stratification,

                                         cluster sampling with probability proportional to size

16 Two-Stage Cluster ow to draw a two-stage cluster sample, unbiased Chapter 9 #1,4,5,7  3.0         4.5
  estimation of a population mean and total, ratio
  estimation of a population mean, estimation of a
  population proportion Sampling

17   Two-Stage Cluster       sampling equal-suzed clusters, two-stage cluster       Chapter 9 #10,14,16,19   3.0                    4.5

       Sampling                     sampling with probability proportional to size

18 Final Chapter 7-Chapter 9 all

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Quiz(5)  10%

Homework(8 times, one for each chapter except chapter 1)   30%

Midterm (Chapter 1- Chapter 6) 30%

Final(Chapter 7- Chapter 9) 30%

Textbook & Reference

Scheaffer Mendenhall III, Ott & Gerow(2012) Elementary Survey Sampling. 7th Edition. 華泰書局

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