SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentInternational Master's Program in International Communication Studies, First Year International Master's Program in International Communication Studies, Second Year
Course NameNews Reporting and Writing
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Weekly classroom hours: 3


Week 1: Introduction to international news media


Week 2: Types of news stories; dissection of a news website


Week 3: Selection of local stories for international news media (1)


Week 4: Story selection (2)


Week 5: Live sources for interviews


Week 6: Use of documents as news sources


Week 7: Interview techniques


Week 8: Note taking and interview practice


Week 9: Mid-term project due (your story, your interviews)


Week 10: Coordination with photographers, videographers


Week 11: Editors and lawyers


Week 12: News writing (format)


Week 13: News writing (style)


Week 14: News writing (in-class practice)


Week 15: Broadcast and Internet newswriting


Week 16: State of the industry (ownership shifts, converging media types, multi-talented employees)


Week 17: International journalism job market


Week 18: Final projects due (Final story written from interview notes)

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Teaching Method

Lectures emphasizing practical skills, Q&A among students, in-class exercises, possible guest speaker (photographer or videographer), homework and quizzes aimed at mastering skills taught in class.


Grading Policy

40% final project

Each student will draw on the lessons of this class to write a news article, from topic selection through the interview and information gathering process to a completed piece that would be acceptable in mainstream English-language international text media. This project will start early in the semester and be completed in steps through the final week.

30% in-class quizzes

Weekly quizzes will cover story selection, press release analysis, source identification and writing articles for text media.

30% participation

Come to class, answer questions from the instructor or any guest speakers, add comments and insights to class discussions, participate in role-play interviews and in-class writing exercises.



Textbook & Reference

There is no set textbook for this subject. News articles, press releases and other material will be distributed in class (or found online) for teaching purposes.

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