SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of English Sophomore Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (II)
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteAcademic Writing、American Language and Culture、English Reading & Discussion、Writing and Reading、Writing and Reading (I)
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Students are expected to spend one hour in reading and three hours in writing every week.

9/10         Introduction: Reading and Writing

                Chapter 1 “Reading for Writing” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 1-5; 10-20)

                Chapter 2 “Ways of Writing” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 21-39)

                Finding and developing an appropriate topic

9/17         Classification I: Human Behavior

                “Analyzing a Subject by Classification” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 89-94)

                “What, Me? Showing Off?” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 97-102 )

9/24         Classification II: Human Behavior

                “Personal Beast” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 104-111)

                *Topics and arguments for exercise 1

10/1         Making an outline: (Research: PP 138-55)

                *Revision of topics and arguments for exercise 1

10/8         Classification III: Human Behavior

                “The Ways We Lie” (50 Essays: PP 120-29)

                *Exercise 1-draft

10/15               Comparison and Contrast I: Gender Issues

                “Introduction” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 143-149)

                “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” (Contemporary Reader, 8th edition: PP 379-82)

                *Outline 1 due

10/22               Comparison and Contrast II: Gender Issues

                “Battle of Sexes Whirls Above Science Gap” (New York Times)

                *Peer review

10/29               Diction (Strategies: PP: 235-57)

                *Exercise 1-revised

                *Topics and arguments for exercise 2

11/5         Comparison and Contrast III: Gender Issues

                “Cohabiting is Not the Same as Commitment” (Contemporary Reader, 8th edition: PP 262-64)

                *Revision of topics and arguments for exercise 2

11/12               Comparison and Contrast IV: Gender Difference

                “Gender in the Classroom” (Norton Sampler: PP 224-31)

                * Exercise 2-draft

11/19               Analogy

                “Using Analogy as an Expository Device” (Patterns, 17th edition: PP 207-10)

                “Turning School into Profit Centers” (Contemporary Reader, 8th edition: PP 321-23)

                * Peer Review

                *Outline 2

11/26               Cause and Effect I: Generations Y and Z

                “Analyzing Cause and Effect Relationships” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 321-26)

               “What’s Wrong with ‘Me, Me, Me’?” (Patterns 10: PP 206-11)

                Exercise 2-revised

12/3         Cause and Effect II: Generations Y and Z

                “A’s for Everyone!” (Contemporary Reader, 9th edition: PP 417-23)

                *Topics and arguments for exercise 3

12/10               Cause and Effect III: Generations Y and Z

                “Kids in the Mall: Growing up Controlled” (Patterns, 17th, PP345-79)

                *Revision of topics and arguments for exercise 3

12/17               Writing a Research Paper

                “Writing a Paper Using Research” (Steps to Writing Well: PP 355-76)

                * Exercise 3-draft

12/24               Writing effective sentences (Strategies: PP 218-34)

                *Peer Review

                *Preliminary topics and research questions

12/31               Introduction to plagiarism and documentation

                “Principles of MLA Style” (MLA Handbook: PP 3-13)

                Final Examination

                *Exercise 3-revised

                *Revision of topics and research questions


Readings for the winter

                “Principles of MLA Style (MLA Handbook: PP 13-58)

                “Using Definition to Help Explain”(Patterns, 17th edition: PP 363-68)

                William Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, IV, i, 174-205 (PP 207-08)

Assignment for the winter

        Working Bibliography

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

1. Class attendance and discussion: 20%

2. Outlines: 10%

3. Writing Exercises: 50%

4. Final Examination: 20%

Textbook & Reference


Gibaldi, Joseph.  MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.  Seventh Edition.  First Authorized Taiwan Reprinting by Bookman.  New York: MLA, 2017.  Print.

Sources for photocopied materials: photocopied materials can be picked up at 馨園影印店

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