SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentFreshman Class A, Department of English Freshman Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (I)
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule


In Class

To do


Introduction to course

Introduce oneself with an object

Email skills

“How to write letters of request”

Prepare presentation


Self-introduction (Presentation)

How to make an impressive self-introduction?

Email skills

“Replies to letters of request”

Read pg. 12-21


In-class activity (pg. 12-21)

“Two Thank-You Notes” (pg. 14-15)

“Two Letters of Complaint” (pg. 15-16)

Read Ch. 1 (Do exercise in pg. 8-9)


Ch. 1 The Persuasive Principle

Exercise in pg. 8-9

What is not a thesis?

Short test

Read Ch. 2

  1. Intro

  2. Foul shots

  3. The Happiest Day of my Life

  4. A Cultural Divorce




Ch. 2 Narration

  1. Intro

  2. Foul shots

Plan a narration essay based on the narration themes in pg. 35

Write narration essay and bring 2 hard copies to class.


Submit narration essay (2 hard copies) (peer review)

Ch. 2 Narration

  1. The Happiest Day of my Life

  2. A Cultural Divorce


Read Ch. 3

  1. Intro

  2. I was a member of the Kung Fu Crew

  3. My Glove: A Biography

Highlight all expressions that make the essays vivid.

Print a photo of your favorite toy/object



Ch. 3 Description

  1. Intro

  2. I was a member of the Kung Fu Crew

  3. My Glove: A Biography

Bring a photo of your favorite toy/object

Write a description of toy/object (description essay)

Prepare for mid-term exam



Mid-term exam


Revise description essay in class.

Add five senses to your narration essay

Prepare a suitable topic for writing profile

Type revised description essay at home and send by email.


Library talk

Search for five reading materials for the topic

Read Ch. 4

  1. Intro

  2. Couple lies

  3. Fruitful questions


Prepare a suitable topic for writing profile

To be submitted (Jan 2):

1. Five articles (hard copies)

2. Summary of each article

List references of the five reading materials using MLA format

Ch. 4 Examples

  1. Intro

  2. Couple lies

  3. Fruitful questions

Select a topic from writing suggestions in pg. 96-97 and search for examples to write an example essay

Write example essay and print 2 hard copies.


Bring example essay to class (2 hard copies) (peer review)

Revise example essay and send by email


Check topics for writing profile and presentations



Presentations of your topic I

Prepare for presentations


Presentations of your topic II

Prepare for exams


Final Exam (all three strategies will be tested)

Submit Writing Profile:

  • Five articles (hard copies)

  • Summary of each article

Synthesis of five articles according to your thesis

Prepare for exams

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Class work (10%)

Contributions to discussion and attendance (10%)

Writing Profile/Mini Research (30%)

Presentations (10%)

Examinations (40%)



Semester 1: The Writing Profile consists of:

-Hard copies of five articles related to your writing profile

-Five summaries (one for each article)

(‘Works Cited/Bibliography’ section is required for the writing profile)

Semester 2: The Mini Research consists of:

A 750-word research report based on a certain topic

Textbook & Reference

Compulsory textbook: (Please buy from the campus bookstore.)

Skwire, Sarah H. and David Skywire. Writing with a Thesis: A Rhetoric and Reader. 11th ed. Australia, Canada, Mexico: Thompson Wadsworth, 2005. Print.

Other references: (No need to buy these)

Donald, Robert B., Betty R. Morrow, Lillian G. Wargetz, Kathleen Werner. Writing Clear Essays. 3rd ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1996. Print.

Conlin, Mary Lou. Pattern Plus. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008.

Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 6th ed. New York: MLA, 2003.

Reid, Joy M. The Process of Composition. 3rd ed. New York: Longman-Pearson, 2000. Print.

Smalley, Regina L, Mary K. Ruetten, and Joann Rishel Kozyrev. Refining Composition Skills. 6th ed. Boston: Heinle Cengage Learning, 2012.

MLA Format and Style Guide:

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