SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentMA Program of Law, First Year MA Program of Law, Second Year
Course NameCivil Law and Social Scientific Approach Seminar
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Revised July 23, 2019

Each class lasts for three hours.

Class 1: attorneys in private law litigation

Assigned papers:

  1. (1) Ching-fang Hsu, Kan-hsueh Chiang, Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “Pro Bono Is Pro, Low Bono is Low: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Lawyers’ Legal Aid Participation”, working paper

  2. (2) Yun-chien Chang, Kong-pin Chen, Chang-ching Lin, 2019, “Knowledge in Youth is Wisdom in Age: An Empirical Study of Attorney Experience in Torts Litigation”, working paper.

Class 2: Comparative law and legal families

  1. (3) Yun-chien Chang, Nuno Garoupa, Martin Wells, 2019, “Drawing the Legal Family Tree: An Empirical Comparative Study of 108 Property Doctrines in 154 Jurisdictions”, working paper.

  2. (4) Anu Bradford, Yun-chien Chang, Adam Chilton, Nuno Garoupa, 2019, “Are Legal Origins Still Relevant?”, working paper.

Class 3: judicial behavior

Assigned papers:

  1. (5) Yun-chien Chang, Kong-pin Chen, Chang-ching Lin, 2019, “Anchoring Effect in Real Litigation: An Empirical Study”, working paper

  2. (6) Han-wei Ho, Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “Predicting Comparative Negligence”, working paper.

Class 4: settlement rates and win rates

Assigned papers:

  1. (7) Yun-chien Chang, William Hubbard, 2019, “Does the Priest and Klein Model Travel? Testing Litigation Selection Hypotheses with Foreign Court Data”, working paper.

  2. (8) Yun-chien Chang, Daniel Klerman, 2019, “Settlement Rates in the World’s Top 25 Economies,” working paper.

Class 5: Property Law

  1. (9) Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “247 Jurisdictions in the World Get the Good-Faith Purchase Problem Wrong: A New Economic Framework”, working paper.

  2. (10) Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “Adverse Possession: A Comprehensive Typology,” working paper.

Class 6: trespass litigation and post-litigation bargaining

Assigned papers:

  1. (11) Yun-chien Chang, David Ta-wei Hung, Chang-ching Lin, Joseph Tao-yi Wang, 2019, “Emotional Bargaining After Litigation: An Experimental Study of the Coase Theorem”, working paper.

(12) Yun-chien Chang, Chang-ching Lin, 2019, “Do Parties Negotiate After Trespass Litigation? An Empirical Study of Coasean Bargaining”, working paper.


Socratic method. That is, students are REQUIRED to read the assignments BEFORE each meeting and prepared to discuss (i.e. criticize) the assigned text. Those who cannot commit to read the assigned text before each class or who are not willing to speak up in class (and be challenged by me) should not register for this course.


Read the assigned text and participate in class discussion.

Teaching Methods
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Class participation: 70%

A short essay (2000 – 3000 words in English) uses social science methods to analyze a civil law issue: 30%

Textbook & Reference

Two books in Chinese will go a long way in preparing you for this seminar.



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