SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentInternational Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, First Year
Course NameResearch Methods for Social Sciences
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
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The Main Text:


Earl Babbie, the latest edition, The Practice of Social Research, Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Company.




Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

If possible, the professor would love to have teaching assistant with statistical backgroung. He or she will help students to complete the research project throughout the whole semester over every stage of the research (research framework, data collection, data analysis and writing up the research report).


  1. Class Participation—20%

  2.  Mid-term Oral Presentation on the Research Project—40%

  3.  Final Report and Oral Presentation on the Research Project— 40%

Textbook & Reference

Other References:

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