SemesterFall Semester, 2019
DepartmentIMBA Program, First Year IMBA Program, Second Year
Course NameIntern
Course TypeElective
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  1. Minimum of 160 work hours during internship.

  2. Only full time students* may matriculate in internships. Internships carry maximum 3 credit hours. (For a student to be considered “Full Time” he/she must have completed seven courses during the academic year before the internship and must not have a full time job.)

  1. Students should complete and submit to the IMBA office Student Internship Application Form. The Application Form includes job description, choice of company, name of employer, and work period. Students may independently find an internship or the IMBA office may assist in the process, however, the IMBA office does not guarantee placement.

  2. Students requiring assistance in finding an internship must submit their request to the IMBA office in writing. Students who find internships independently must notify the IMBA office by submitting the Application Form.

  3. International students are not allowed to participate in internships in their own countries.

  4. Local students who wish to perform internship abroad may receive assistance from the IMBA office; however IMBA office makes no guarantees regarding international placement.

  5. The supervisor will monitor the internships performance. Student should maintain bi-weekly contact with his/her faculty supervisor during the course of the internship.

  6. Upon completion of the internship, a 10-page, double-spaced final report must be submitted to the supervisor within one month after he/she completes the internship. The report must include the student’s working experience, suggestions for future internships, and assessment of the student’s performance. The student must also provide a copy of the final report to the IMBA office (after assessment by supervisor).

Upon completion of your internship you are required to:

Write a ten-page report detailing your internship. The paper should describe your experience based on the following criteria;

  • Company / Industry you interned for:

    • What do they do, make, sell, etc.

  • Why did you choose to intern in at company / industry

  • Describe the working environment

  • Describe the management style

  • Describe the corporate culture

  • Explain what you expected to learn, what you actually learned or how you benefited from the internship. Do you have any suggestions to the company for a better internship experience?

  • Were there any interesting facts or situations that occurred during your internship that you would like to note?

  • Explain your suggestions for improving operations for the company you interned by applying the knowledge you learned and developed at the IMBA.

  • Suggestions for the internship of future IMBA students.


    Please have your completed essay submitted to the Office of International Programs promptly after to completion of your internship for review and assessment.

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The supervisor will assist students in their internship, review student’s reports, and grade student’s performance.


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IMBA Internship Policy and guidelines.pdf