SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentIntegrated Curriculum by Dept. of Economics
Course NameMacroeconomics
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteIntermediate Macroecon Theory、Intermediate Macroeconomics、Intro to Macroecnomics、Macro Economic Theory、Macro Economics、Macroecnomics、Macroeconomic Theory、Macroeconomics、Macro-Economics、Principle of Macroeconomics、Principles of Macroeconomics
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Week 1~2. Long-run: facts of economic growth.

Week 3~4. Savings, capital investment, output.(Homework 1)

Week 4~5: Technological progess and output

Week 5~7: The technological progess: the short , the medium, and the long run. (homework 2)

Week 8.  Expectation. 

Week 9 Midterm

Week 10~15 Open Economy: Openness in Goods and Financial Markets, Output and Interest rate, Exchange Regimes              (Homework 3)

Week 16~17 Open Economy: Policy analyses (Homework #4)

Week 18. Final

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Will be announced in the first day of class.


The final grade for each student is determined by the followings:

Attendance: 5%

Homeworks: 15%

Midterm and final exam.: 40 each

Textbook & Reference

Macroeconomics, seventh edition, Olivier Blanchard

PPT will be distributed in the class.

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