SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentDept. of English Course Schedule for Minor Students
Course NameEnglish Oral Training
InstructorLIN WAN YU
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteEnglish Oral Training、Oral Presentation and Interaction、Public Speaking
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Weeks 1~5 Fun with speaking

1) warm-up and welcome back

2) reading & speaking (1)

3) reading & speaking (2)

4) preparation for wk5 talk

5) giving a talk (persuasion) 

Weeks 6~12 Verbal advantage

1) feedback and review

2) reading & speaking (3)

3) reading & speaking (4)

4) mid-term week

5) preparation for 108-2 round-table conference

6) skills and strategies: finding a voice 

7) examples and models from 107-2

Weeks 13~18 Round-table conference

1) reading & speaking (5)

2) preparation and caliberation

3) conference 108-2

4) summer party (after the conference)

5) wrap up and review

6) final exam week

*The Reading & Speaking articles are mostly from magazines, such as the Economists, the Atlantic, and so on, and are as up-to-date as possible to current concerns.


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Overall evaluation: Students are given a grade not according to whether they have a good command of English, but according to their learning attitude, whether or not they try, and class participation. Learning attitude, as well as performance in class, is consistently evaluated throughout the term.

Some guidelines:

1. Attendance is mandatory.

2. Homework must be handed in on time. Late submission will be corrected but not graded.

3. Grading is as follows: participation and discussion (60%); mid-term (20%); roundable presentation (20%)

Textbook & Reference

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