SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentPhD Program of Political Science, First Year PhD Program of Political Science, Second Year
Course NamePhilosophy of Social Sciences
InstructorYEH HAO
Course TypeRequired
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Week 1: What is Philosophy of Social Sciences?

Week 2: Cause, Agent, and Structure

Week 3: Rationalism & Empiricism

Week 4: System, Function, and Game Theory

Week 5: Understanding & Explanation

Week 6: Neutrality, Objectivity, and Relativism

Week 7: Durkheim

Week 8: Weber

Week 9: Hermeneutics

Week 10: Genealogy

Week 11: Critical Theory

Week 12: Critical Realism

Week 13: The Concept of Scientific History

Week 14: Does Political Theory Still Exist?

Week 15: Historical Inevitability

Week 16: The Counter-Enlightenment

Week 17: The Divorce between the Sciences and the Humanities

Week 18: Final evaluation

Students should pay at least 20hrs/week for this class.

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Class participation 30%

Final report 70%

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