SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentGraduate Institute of Deveopment Studies MA Program, First Year Graduate Institute of Deveopment Studies PhD Program, First Year Graduate Institute of Deveopment Studies MA Program, Second Year Graduate Institute of Deveopment Studies PhD Program, Second Year
Course NamePoverty and Inequality in Era of Urbanization
InstructorSU YU-HSUAN
Course TypeElective
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Week Date Topic Format Readings Learning hours (including class time)
1 2/18/2020 Introduction, Principles of Economics Lecture Class notes 9
2 2/25/2020 Regression, Evaluation & Stata Lecture Class notes 12
3 3/3/2020 Overview Lecture

  • UN. 2017. "New Urban Agenda."

  • UN. 2019. "World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision."

  • Banerjee and Duflo. 2007. “Economic lives of the poor.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives.

4 3/10/2020 Poverty & Inequality Group presentation & Lecture

  • World Bank. 2015. "A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and the Twin Goals."

  • Baum-Snow, Freeman, and Pavan. 2018. "Why Has Urban Inequality Increased?" American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

5 3/17/2020 Fertility & Family Planning Group presentation & Lecture

  • Schultz. 1997. “Demand for Children in Low Income Countries.” Handbook of Population and Family Economics.

  • Miller and Babiarz. 2016. "Family Planning Program Effects: Evidence from Microdata." Population and Development Review.

  • Wang, Zhao, and Zhao. 2017. “China’s family planning policies and their labor market consequences.” Journal of Population Economics.

  • Grossman. 2019. "The unintended effects of place based programs: Fertility and health effects of urban empowerment zones." Journal of Health Economics.

6 3/24/2020 Mortality Group presentation & Lecture

  • Leigh and Jencks. 2007. "Inequality and mortality: Long-run evidence from a panel of countries." Journal of Health Economics.

  • Ebeling. 2018. "How Has the Lower Boundary of Human Mortality Evolved, and Has It Already Stopped Decreasing?" Demography.

7 3/31/2020 Individual research topic discussion     12
8 4/7/2020 Missing Women & Marriage Market Group presentation & Lecture

  • Qian. 2008. “Missing Women and the Price of Tea in China: the Effect of Sex-Specific Earnings on Sex Imbalance.” The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

  • Ebenstein. 2010. “The ‘Missing Girls’ of China and the Unintended Consequences of the One Child Policy.” Journal of Human Resources.

  • Weiss, Yi, and Zhang. 2018. "Cross-Border Marriage Costs and Marriage Behavior: Theory and Evidence." International Economic Review.

9 4/14/2020 Migration Group presentation & Lecture

  • Bazzi. 2017. “Wealth Heterogeneity and the Income Elasticity of Migration.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

  • Barsbai et al. 2017. “The Effect of Labor Migration on the Diffusion of Democracy: Evidence from a Former Soviet Republic.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

  • Howell. 2017. "Impacts of Migration and Remittances on Ethnic Income Inequality in Rural China." World Development.

10 4/21/2020 Urban Slums Group presentation & Lecture

  • Marx, Stoker, and Suri. 2013. “The Economics of Slums in the Developing World.” Journal of Economic Perspectives.

  • Brueckner and Lall. 2015. “Cities in Developing Countries: Fueled by Rural-Urban Migration, Lacking in Tenure Security, and Short of Affordable Housing.” Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics.

  • Castells-Quintana. 2017. "Malthus living in a slum: Urban concentration, infrastructure and economic growth." Journal of Urban Economics.

11 4/28/2020 Literature review presentations & critique Individual presentation TBD 12
12 5/5/2020 Literature review presentations & critique Individual presentation TBD 12
13 5/12/2020 Referee report due; exam questions & review     12
14 5/19/2020 Final exam Individual exam   15
15 5/26/2020 Guest lecture Lecture   12
16 6/2/2020 Final presentations & critique Individual presentation   12
17 6/9/2020 Final presentations & critique Individual presentation   12

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  • Homework and Participation (15%)

  • Group Presentations (20%)

  • Literature Review Presentation and Critique (20%)

  • Exam (15%)

  • Final Paper (30%)

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