SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentInternational Master's Program in International Communication Studies, First Year International Master's Program in International Communication Studies, Second Year
Course NameInternational Organization
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

2/21 Class 1: Introduction: Scopes, Perspectives, Course Outline & Requirements


3/6 Class 2: Defining IO

Rittberger, pp.14-24 Theories of International Organization

Rittberger, pp. 60-117 Policy Making in International Organizations


3/13 Class 3: The United Nations: Organizational Structure

Mingst, pp. 21-69. The Evolution of the United Nations System


3/20 Class 4: The United Nations & World Politics

Weiss, pp. 1-21 Introduction

Mingst, pp.71-109 Actors in the United Nations System


3/27 Class 5: Peace & Security, (theory & mechanism)

Weiss, pp. 25-42

Rittberger, pp.123-138

Mingst, pp. 115-140


4/10 Class 6: Peace & Security (Cases)

Mingst, pp.140-159

Weiss, pp. 59-85


4/17 Class 7: Peace & Security (Human Security)

Weiss, pp. 87-122


4/24 Class 8: UN Peace & Security (Challenges & Framework for Case Study)

Mingst, 159-190

Weiss 123-149


5/1 Class 9: Taiwan and UN

T. Y. Wang, Wei?Chin Lee and Ching Hsin Yu, “Taiwan’s Expansion of International Space: Opportunities and Challenges”, Journal of Contemporary China (2011), 20(69), March 249?267. [online]


5/8 Class 10: In-Class Exam


5/15 Class 11: Case Study I

Causes of the Conflict


5/22 Class 12 Case Study II

Processes: UN’s involvement


5/29 Class 13 Case Study III



6/5 Class 14 Case Study IV

Implications & Reflections


6/12 Class 15: Submit your final report

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

1. Class Attendance and Participation: 20 points

(Absence without advanced notice will cost you 2 points each class.)

2. One in-class exam: 20 points

3. Three In-class reading assignment summary and leading discussion: 30%

4. Four In-class oral progress reports on your case study: 20%

5. One final written report of your case study: 10% (600-1000 words)

Textbook & Reference

1. Rittberger, Volker and Bernard Zangl. International Organization: Polity, Politics and Policies (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006)

2. Mignst, Karen A. The United Nations in the 21st Century (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2017)

3. Weiss, Thomas G. The United Nations and Changing World Politics (Boulder, CO: Westview, 2017)

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