SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of English Sophomore Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (II)
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteReading & Debating in English 2、Writing and Reading (II)、Writing Tutorial
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

2/17         Making an annotated bibliography

                Developing critical responses and finding a methodology

                Definition I: Virtues vs. Vices

                “Using Definition to Help Explain”(Patterns, 17th edition: PP 363-68)

                William Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, IV, i, 174-205 (PP 207-08)

2/24         Writing effective sentences (Strategies: PP 218-34)

                *Quiz for documentation (lab session: 國際大樓6F語視第六教室)

3/3           Definition II: Virtues vs. Vices

                Barbara Lawrence: “Four-Letter Words Can Hurt You” (Patterns, 17th edition: PP 633-37)

3/10         Definition III: Virtues vs. Vices

                Stephen L. Carter: “The Insufficiency of Honesty” (Patterns, 19th edition: PP 335-42)

                *Topics and Arguments for Exercise 1

3/17         Definition IV: Virtues vs. Vices

                Marie Winn: “Television Addition” (Patterns of Exposition 10:PP 227-31)

                *Revision of Topics and Arguments for exercise 1

                *Annotated Bibliography

3/24         Definition V: Virtues vs. Vices

                D. H. Lawrence: “Pornography” (Patterns of Exposition 10: PP 239-244)

                *Draft of Exercise 1

3/31         Induction and Deduction I: Politics and Right

                “Reasoning by Use of Induction and Deduction” (PP 547-53)

                “The Declaration of Independence” (Norton Reader: PP 490-93)

                *Peer review

                *Introduction of the Research Paper: literature review and methodology

4/7           “Paragraphs” (Strategies: PP 195-217)

                *Revision of Exercise 1

4/14         Induction and Deduction II: Politics and Right

                Wendy Kaminer: “A Civil Duty to Annoy” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 558-62)

                *Topics and Arguments for Exercise 2

4/21         Induction and Deduction III: Politics and Right

                Lani Guinier: “The Tyranny of the Majority” (Norton Reader: PP 498-502)

                *Revision of Topics and Arguments for Exercise 2

4/28         Induction and Deduction IV: Politics and Right

                “Death and Justice,” (Strategies, PP 560-63)

                *Draft of Exercise 2

5/5           Argument I: Politics and Right

                “Using Patterns for Argument” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 593-600)

                C. S. Lewis: “We Have No Right to Happiness”(Modern English Reader: PP 287-93)

                *Peer Review

                *The argument and preliminary outline for the research papers

5/12         Argument II: Politics and Right

                “Letter From Birmingham Jail” (1) (Patterns, 19th Edition: PP 555-70)

                *Revision of Exercise 2

5/19         Argument III: Politics and Right

                “Letter From Birmingham Jail” (2) (Patterns, 19th Edition: PP 555-70)

                *Draft of Research Papers

5/26         Example: Family I

                “Illustrating Ideas by Use of Example” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 43-48)

                “Underground Dads” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 71-74)

6/2           Example: Family II

                “Dysfunctional Nation” (Patterns, 17th Edition: PP 66-69)

6/9           *Final Examination

                *The Final Outline and Revision of the Research Papers

6/16         *Oral Presentation

                *Peer review

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



1. Class attendance and discussion: 15%

2. Research paper: 25%

3. Outline and oral report: 5%

4. Other writing Exercises: 40%

5. Final Examination: 15%

Textbook & Reference


Gibaldi, Joseph.  MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.  Seventh Edition.  New York: MLA, 2009.


Sources for photocopied materials:

Schwegler, Robert A.  Patterns of Exposition.Seventeenth Edition.  New York: Longman, 2004.

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