SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of English Sophomore Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (II)
InstructorHSU LI-HSIN
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteReading & Debating in English 2、Writing and Reading (II)、Writing Tutorial
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Week 1     Winter Reading Discussion (The Sympathizer) 

Moodle Writing Assignment 1 (Book Review) 

Week 2 Chapter 12: “Argument” – Debating Democracy 

“I Have a Dream” and “Buy That Little Girl an Ice Cream Cone”  

“Cause and Effect” Essay Peer Review 

Week 3      Chapter 12: “Argument”-- Debating Intellectual Property 

“Cause and Effect” Essay Revision Due 

Week 4      Chapter 12: “Argument” -- Debating the Drinking Age 

Moodle Assignment 2 

Week 5 Departmental Lecture by Professor Michael Mosher on Democracy (TUSA)

Chapter 12: “Argument” – Debating the Effects of Digital Culture 

Essay I Due 

Week 6 Chapter 13: “Combining the Methods” -- “Liar’s Poker” and “Fishing on the Sesquehanna in July” 

Essay I Revision 

Week 7 Chapter 13: “Combining the Methods” -- “The Tipping Point” and 

        “Her Kind” 

Essay I Peer Review 

Week 8 Research Break (Abstact Exercise)

Chapter 13: “Combining the Methods” -- “The Checklist Manifesto” and “What We Eat” 

Essay II Due (700-1000 Words/Synthesis of rhetorical forms) 

Week 9 Individual Conference I (Essay II Revision) 

Week 10 “Sample Student Research Paper” – “Against the Odds” 

Choosing a Topic & Writing a Thesis Statement 

Peer Review (Essay II) 

Week 11 “Sample Student Example” – “The Evil Empire?” 

Establishing a Methodology 

Supporting an Argument 

Week 12 MLA Chapter 3: The Mechanics of Writing 

         MLA Chapter 4: The Format of the Research Paper 

Workshop I: find an academic paper of your choice  

Week 13 Workshop II: find an academic paper of your choice 

MLA Chapter 1: Research and Writing 

Summarizing and Outlining  

Creating a Working Bibliography 

Week 14 Figurative Language: “Once More to the Lake” and “Stranger” 

Moodle Assignment 3         

Week 15 Research Break (Bibliography List)

Race & Gender “How It Feels to Be Colored Me” and “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History” 

    Making a List of your Working Bibliography (BTTL 709-724) 

MLA Chapter 5: Works Cited 

MLA Chapter 6: In-text Documentation 

Week 16 Presenting Your Chosen Research Topic (Thesis Statement/ Outline/Abstract/Bibliography) 

Final paper due (Mini-Research Paper/ 1250-1500 Words) 

Week 17 Individual Conference II (Mini-Research Paper Revision) 

Week 18 Final Paper Final Revision Due

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



1.  Class participation: 20% 

2. 7 online writing exercises: 20% 

3. 2 Mid-term paper and revision (1000 words each): 30% 

4. Final paper (1500-2000 words): 30%

Textbook & Reference

Cooley, Thomas. Back to the Lake: A Reader for Writers. Second Edition. Norton, 2011. 

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Eighth Edition. New York: MLA, 2017.

Nguyen, Viet Thanh. The Sympathizer. Grove Press, 2015. 


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