SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentFreshman Class A, Department of English Freshman Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (I)
InstructorLIU YI-CHUN
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteAcademic Writing、American Language and Culture、English Reading & Discussion、Writing and Reading、Writing and Reading (I)
Course Objective
Course Description
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  1. Each essay involves four writing tasks—English draft, Chinese draft, Textual analysis/peer review, Final draft. 1) Students are required to write an English draft first. 2) Under the same topic, they are required to write a Chinese draft. 3) students are asked to compare their English and Chinese drafts to analyze the strengths and weakness of each draft. 4) Students need to revise their final draft by adopting the strengths but avoiding the weakness based on their English and Chinese drafts.

  2. Students are required to reflect their writing processes. 1) They need to explain at least four sentences about how they negotiate meanings and make rhetorical decisions. 2) They need to reflect upon how their Chinese draft helps their English writing. 3) They need to analyze their writing strategies in terms of reader’s concern, contextual awareness, writing agency, meaning negotiation, creative use of available semiotics, etc.

Rules for Evaluation

Late work is not accepted. Unless you have a documented family or medical emergency. You are expected to meet deadlines as posted and/or as discussed in class.

In general, your writing work will be evaluated according to the following criteria.

  • Rhetorical negotiation between L1 and L2

  • substance of arguments and supporting evidence

  • clarity, style, information density

* Plagiarism or the use of someone else’s work without acknowledging and properly handling that source is unacceptable



Regular attendance is expected. Your final grade will be lowered if you have excessive absences over 4 times.


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Grading Criteria

Autobiography Essay: 18%

Comparison and Contrast: 18%

Argumentation Essay: 18%

Peer review (x3): 15%

Reflection (x3): 21%

Participation: 10%


Textbook & Reference

No textbook

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