SemesterSpring Semester, 2020
DepartmentJunior Class A, Department of English Junior Class B, Department of English
Course NameIntroduction to Sociolinguistics
InstructorLIU YI-CHUN
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
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Required Activities

1. Discussion and Participation. To reinforce concepts covered in our readings, students are expected to preview the reading assignments and actively participate in classroom discussion. Please bring your comments and questions related to the reading assignments to class for discussion.

2. Reading Presentation. Students are required to conduct a reading presentation for 15 minutes.

3. Response paper (2 pages). To make the material in the course relevant to reality, students are required to observe and collect data from their daily life to report or reflect a sociolinguistic issue.

4. Project proposal (5 pages). This research proposal includes purpose of the study, research questions, literature review, and method design.


Response Papers

Over the course of the semester, you are required to write two response papers, each of which should be 2 pages in length (using 10- or 12-point type, double-space). In your response, please critically reflect issues discussed in classroom or presented by students. For example, you may reflect upon what you’ve learned to your own daily life observation of language variety. You are expected to elaborate your critical opinions by providing research proofs, examples, comparison/contrast of cases, or providing the data you collected.

Reading Presentation (15 minutes)

  1. Reading presentation: Based on the topics/issues discussed in the textbook, students are required to do research for further readings which extend and deepen the knowledge of the topics/issues.

Your reading presentation should describe the main idea of this reading, research design, results/findings, and your personal feedback or critical comments.

Research Proposal (5 pages)

  1. Students should select a topic relating to Sociolinguistics and give at least 3 annotated bibliography (including the textbook chapters) in this proposal. This project proposal will consist of two parts:

  1. A 1-2 page introduction in which you give some brief background information on your topic, explain why you chose your topic. (Why do you want to do this topic?)

  2. Proposal your research questions (What do you want to know from doing this project?)

  3. Literature review including at least 3 annotated bibliography entries. Each entry should be approximately one page in length and should consist of bibliographical information at the top of the page, in APA style, and a summary and response/evaluation afterwards. (What has been discussed so far?)

  4. Data Collection: please describe how would you like to collect your linguistic data? Who are the subjects? (How are you going to explore and answer your research questions?)


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Grading Criteria

Discussion and Participation: 14%

Reading Presentation: 30%

Response paper (2x10%): 26%

Research proposal: 30%


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